Terry, thanks for getting me through my manual test, thanks for all your help. Jason (Carramar)

Hi Rose passed first time thanks for all your help couldnt have dont it without you. Mel (Banksia Grove).

Hi Terry, i passed my manual test today thanks for all your help. Justin (Carramar).

Hey Terry, got the job in the mines thanks for helping me pass my manual Kacey (Currumbine)

Rose managed the impossible and got me comfortable driving, I couldnt have asked for a better instructor. Kathy (kingsley)

Hey Terry its Shannen and Amy your favourite wanneroo drivers just letting you know that amy got her license today all thanks to you Shannen (Carramar)

On my P’s now thanks for being a great instructor. Rachel (Kingsley).

Hi there it’s Bianca, i passed he did not mark me down for anything, thank you for your help.

Great instructor, got me through my test first time!, Great guy too!. Recommended Ross (Quinns Rocks)

Rose is a great driving instructor, she made each lesson a lot of fun whilst still teaching you, would recommend to everyone. Aliece (Tapping)

All my time spent on driving lessons i enjoyed, my driving instructor Rose was really helpful and we would have a laugh but she would always make sure i was on track and constantly gave me tips that always worked for me, she was really helpful and i passed first time, she was an amazing instructor and i would suggest her to anyone i know that needs decent lessons. Grace (Kinross)

Terry is a fantastic, enthusiastic, honest instructor with a great sense of humour who was able to help me pass my driving test on my first attempt. Terry makes driving lessons fun and helps relieve the pressure for first timers on the road. I recommend Terry to others who are looking to learn to how to drive. Kyle (candlewood)

I learnt to drive with Terry of Northern Star in october 2009. I found him to be a very patient and thorough instructor, as a result i passed my test first time. Would highly recommend to other learners. Natalie (Ashby)

I found the driving lessons very well instructed as i was given patience and taught at my own pace. The driving instructor taught me all the skills and experience i needed to take my second phase test with confidence. Chiara (Woodvale)

I had lessons with Rose for about 4 months of which i was away for one of those months, i lacked confidence and with Rose helped to build this quickly and passed first time. I am sure without Rose i wouldnt have passed or be a competant driver. Rose is fun and makes learning easy. Jane (candlewood)

Terry is an amazing instructor and made lessons not only informative but fun and entertaining too. He is always very friendly and never lets you doubt your abilities. Gabby (Somerly)

Thanks Terry ur great dude n u made my test feel easy n helped every step of the way, cheers buddy. Travis (Quinns Rocks)

Comfortable and friendly driving instructor, encouraging, which helped me come along really quickly and feel more confident as a driver, would recommend everytime. Jessica (Ridgewood)

Hi Terry, thank you for teaching my son recently how to drive. He really liked your easy and relaxed style and good sense of humour, and i was very impressed with the time you gave, even if it went over time you didnt hurry him. Thanks once again. Janine (Tapping)

Thanks to their patience and teaching i passed the test first shot as promised!!. Ryan (Kingsley)

Very good, great people, awesome cars, highly recommended. Rowan (Kinross)

I would recommend Terry to anyone looking for a friendly professional driving instructor, my son passed his practical assessment first time thanks to the excellent tuition he received. Sue (Quinns Rocks)

Terry’s support made me a confident driver and taught me lessons i will apply in my driving for the rest of my life. Thanks again Terry. Alex (Mindarie)

Rose, i just want to say thanks for all the help, encouragement and support you have given me over the last few weeks, i couldnt have got through the test without you, and im so excited about passing – YIPPEEE!! Thank you again. Sandra (Wanneroo)

Learning to drive with Rose was very enjoyable, she made me feel confident about my driving and taught me everything i needed to know, so i passed my test first time!!. I would highly recommend learning with Rose. Mel (woodvale)

Terry & Rose, thank you so much for everything you taught me, i couldnt possibly have been taught so much in such a short space of time by anybody else, i can’t thank you both enough. I am so stoked to have passed. Thank you!! i wish you both the best of luck anybody who you teach in the future is dead lucky to have people teach them as patient, caring, reliable, dilligent and punctual as you both. Thank you so much all my love and best wish’s. Tash (Kallaroo)

I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor than Rose, she was absolutley brilliant with a great sense of humour, she was very encouraging throughout all my lessons explaining everything and making it all fun and easy to understand, i would definately recommend Rose to all my friends, love her to bits. Pam (Banksia Grove)

“FIRST CHOICE” was the best driving school we could have chosen to teach our three children. Terry was the instructor for all three teenagers, he has an easy manor and makes the lessons fun but serious. They all passed their learners tests (phase 2) on their very first attempt and are now doing their 25 hours log books. As a parent i would recommend Terry at “FIRST CHOICE DRIVING SCHOOL” as an outstanding instructor and the safest person for your child to be with. Edie Lewis (Ridgewood)

Hi Rose this is Felicia, i passed the test 1st time, the asessor i had was very kind and he said he knows you as well. Have a great christmas, holiday cheers. Felicia (Hillarys)

Tezza, Tezza,Tezza!! Thanks alot for all the lessons, you put up with my complaining, having patience with me was kinda hard :)) and thanks to me you know half of my friends…. Dont complain you love us all, we are amazing. Oh what was that, the first pass for 2011?? Cheers again couldnt have asked for a better driving instructor. Teighan (Carramar)

As a young person i found it very hard to pass my driving test, then i discovered “Terry” who not only helped me improve my driving skills but motivated me, helped me think positivley about my driving and taught me at my own pace. I really appreciate Terry’s time and effort and honesty, i couldn’t have passed my test without him as my driving instructor. Jess (Clarkson)

Hey Terry its Clinton 🙂 would just like to let you know that i passed!!! And thank you for the help :). Clinton (Mindarie)

Thank you for your help getting my licence (again) best driving teacher ever x Rachel (Kingsley)

Hey Terry, i had Henry as my assesor and it went brilliantly, i only made two minor mistakes, my mum couldnt believe i passed, thank you so much for whipping me into shape in those 3 short lessons, i think you had more faith in me than i did hahahaa. Hannah (Quinns Rocks)

Hi Rose 🙂 i got my driver licence today im so happy and wanted to let you know and thank you. the lessons it had made a huge difference. Thanks Belda (Heathridge)

Dear Terry, thank you for teaching me how to drive, you are a wonderful teacher and i had lots of fun learning. Yours sincerely. Jess (Edgewater)

Tezza, best driving instructor got me through my test 2nd time :)) thanks heaps :)) Chloe (Wanneroo)

Hey Terry just wanted to say thank you for teaching me everything, it was a little expensive :)) but it was worth it as i passed 1st time, cheers mate. Tom ( Carabooda)

Hi Terry thanks for the driving lessons and your time and experience, i couldnt have passed without the help you have given me. Good luck with your future students. Luke (Two Rocks)

Hi Terry its Seda just letting you know i passed my driving test today 🙂 i got a reverse parallel in the first 2 mins of the test but i managed it all okay Richard was the person who tested me and took me round Heathridge for my test. Thanks again for the lessons. Seda (Heathridge)

Hey Terry i got my licence today, thank you so much for your help i couldnt have asked for a better instructor :)) Penny (Quinns Rocks)

Thank you Terry for your wonderful driving teaching :)) From the meulenkamp Family (Quinns Rocks)

Thanks Terry for taking me on my lessons, and helping me pass. Your very helpful and give clear instructions so thanks again :)) Machaela (Wanneroo)

Hey Terry ive passed my test with flying colours. I only got one cross on the whole test :)), thanks for all your help. Micheal (Wanneroo)

Hi Terry thank you for helping me get my licence, even if i did have to overdose on rescue drops to pass haha.. Take care. Shelby (Clarkson)

Thank you for teaching me how to drive. I passed first time, thanks to your great teaching :)) Michelle (Maringiniup)

Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test. I couldnt have done it without you. Best driving instructor ever. Emily (Mindarie)

Hey Terry, its Trent just wanted to thank you for being such an awesome driving instructor. Can’t imagine there being any other instructors out there better than you. Love how i got my licence on my first go, already done 3hrs driving, would recommend you to anyone. Cheers!! Trent (Banksia Grove)

Learning to drive with “First Choice Driving School”, was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The comfortable learning enviroment helped me to quickly gain confidence and skills on the road. Thanks to Rose My instructor i successfully passed my practical driving test. I have and will continue to recommend First Choice Driving School to all my friends. Roisin (Heathridge)

Great communication skills, on road rule instructions, reliable with a relaxed approach and professional service, First Choice Driving School will be highly recommended to friends and family. Katy (Currumbine)

Hi Rose, thanks heaps for helping me pass my test first time, i was so nervous when i started driving but your a great patient instructor and it gave me heaps of confidence. I’ll recommend you to anyone! Thanks again 🙂 Emilee (Ridgewood)

Just want to say a big thank you to Terry for helping me pass my test, he made me feel less nervous on the road and helped me loads with my confidence throughout my lessons. Thanks Terry!! Racheal (Joondalup)

Thank you very much Terry, i was very nervous on the road and lacked confidence not to mention the abillity to actually drive, you have a very effective and friendly teaching manner and your time was much appreciated. Tara ( Carramar)

Thank you again for everything mate, i couldn’t have done it without you, i’ll be sure to tell everyone about you, and how good an instructor you are 🙂 Tom (Merriwa)

Thanks for everything Terry!! Fantastic instructor with a great sense of humour, which made me look forward to my driving lessons!!, couldn’t have picked a better driving instructor and thanks to you i managed to pass first time!!, highly recommended!! 🙂 Adam (Heathridge)

Thank you Terry you are a fantastic driving instructor and im glad i was taught by you!!, got through the first time and will be recommending everyone i know to go to First Choice 🙂 thank you again for being patient!! you made it fun and very enjoyable to learn manual!! Emma (Burns Beach)

Hey Terry its Aimeelyn, i just want to say thanks again, it really meant a lot to me that you were by my side through the whole thing, i really enjoyed it even when i did stress out, hahaha!! gonna miss you. Aimeelyn (Ridgewood)

Hey Rose its Ashlee Cook here, just wanted to let you know the 6 months are up and im finally on the road by myself 🙂 got my P’s yesterday after passing my hazard perception test. Thanks for all your help xx Ashlee (Woodvale)

Thanks Terry for helping me get my 2nd phase really fast. Aiden (Two Rocks)

Terry thank you so much i finally passed on my second try. Thank you for putting up with my bad jokes and the occasional bad word!!!!! I couldnt of picked a better instructor, not only did you teach me in a way which was easy to grasp but you also put me at ease and gave me the confidence to go for my test. After all my lessons i see you as a teacher and a friend thank you so much 🙂 Sammy ( Sinagra)

First Choice driving school was the best choice i made. Learning was simple straight forward and specific. Terry was very patient, understanding and i went into my driving test full of confidence. Highly recommended for all new drivers. Hope thats enough B/S!!!! to put on your website!!!! 😀 Valerie Tan (aka calorie can x) (Kinross)

Thanks Terry, you got the sloth to pass!!!! will see you in august for the next lot!! thanks so much again. Sam (aka sloths mum) LOL (Carramar)

Hey mate, John Holland from Butler, 30 yr old guy….. I PASSED MANUAL TEST, THANKS FOR YOUR HELP YOU WERE A GOD SEND. THANKS AGAIN, I OWE YOU A BEER!! John (Butler)

Hi Rose thank you for all your help, i sat my driving test and passed. Take care Marisela (Hillarys)

Hi Rose, i would like to thank you for giving my daughter lessons, with your help she passed first time 🙂 Larisha(mum) (kingsley)

Hi Rose just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me pass my test on tuesday its made my life complete =)) Lauren ( Padbury)

Hey Rose i passed my second phase today, thank you for being my instructor 🙂 Shimay (Quinns Rocks)

Hi Rose I PASSED 1ST TIME 😀 Danni (Butler)

Hi Rose i passed my 2nd phase this week, thank you so much for all your help Georgia (Kingsley)

Hey Terry thank you so much for all your help and being such an amazing driving instructor. You really calmed my nerves and made me feel comfortable right from the first lesson. You’re so freindly and chatty but at the same time very professional and a great teacher!! i couldnt have done it without you, im so happy i passed first time! i’ll definately recommend you to everyone i know :] Thanks again! Chelsea [Mindarie]

Terry you were an amazing instructor, passed my test first time and couldn’t of done it without you!! Every lesson was enjoyable and i will recommend you to everyone!! Thank you so much for these last few months couldn’t of asked for a better driving instructor ;] Eloise [Kinross]

Dear Terry today im getting my P’S the last of us three girls to get our licence. We thank you so much for everything you did for us, we couldnt have done it without you or asked for a better instructor.. TOOT TOOT Lots of thanks Laura, Bethany & Georgia (Padbury)

Thank you so much Rose, i would have taken another 2/3yrs to pass if it wasn’t for you so thank you so much, you’ve helped me no end and i feel completely confident with my driving, thank you so much for all your hard work and your patience i know my lack of confidence could be frustrating but you were amazing with me, thank you so much!! Let me know if you ever change your number i will recommend you and your services forever. Thank you thank you thankyou xxx Ella (Tapping)