Had enough of public transport, decided its time to get your driving licence, congratulations on taking the first step towards achieving it.

FIRST CHOICE DRIVING SCHOOL is a Family run business, we deal with complete novices, overseas licence holders needing to gain their WA licence, aged retests, licence renewals, and people that need that little bit of extra time and care.

We take pride in our ability to show people not only how to drive but also how to be a safe, competent and more responsible driver. We will work closely with parents keeping them informed of the learning process along the way, also encouraging the parents to keep up the training, giving them tasks to complete each week. We find that by doing this the parents have a better understanding of the driving assessment that their children are working towards.

Our goal is to get you through your lessons and test as quickly and safely as possible.


What Our Students Are Saying
First Choice Driving School

Terry is a fantastic, enthusiastic, honest instructor with a great sense of humour who was able to help me pass my driving test on my first attempt. Terry makes driving lessons fun and helps relieve the pressure for first timers on the road. I recommend Terry to others who are looking to learn to how to drive.


Excellent Driving School, very professional and friendly.  Choosing First Choice Driving is a great choice, and will get you through the green light… Guaranteed!!! Rose has been an amazing instructor from day one, all the way through to the finishing line… she has taught me so many invaluable skills and not to forget the tips… Thank you so much for your patience and devotion… I would definitely recommend First Choice Driving School to any learner drivers… With First Choice you cant go wrong… FIRST CHOICE=BEST CHOICE… Again thanks a million Rose!!!




I passed my driving test at the first go,
A BIG THANKS to ROSE as I believe it so,
For she is the one who taught me all the driving know-how
A great teacher who will let you know where to turn and how,
So, FIRST CHOICE Driving School is the place I vow
With all the driving skills they will endow.

13 January 2016 ·


Hi, this is Lee Aitchison’s mum Yvonne. I just wanted to say thanks so much to Terry for helping Lee pass his driving test! He must have the patience of a saint!! Truly appreciate all the time he’s put in with him 😊


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